Information on Fetal Pain

NRLC Convention Workshop on Fetal Pain

Listen to remarks given by Mary Spaulding Balch, J.D., and Steven Zielinski, M.D., J.D., at the 2011 National Right to Life Convention.  Mary Spaulding Balch, NRLC’s State Legislative Director, was instrumental in crafting legislation that protects unborn children from abortion after they are capable of feeling pain. The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act is now law in five states. 

Click here to listen:  Pain of the Unborn MP3 by nationalrighttolife
Photo: The unborn child at 20 weeks (5 months)
Fetal Pain Fact Sheet

What does an unborn child feel during an abortion?

Download this Fact Sheet from the National Right to Life Committee to read about this important issue.  This Fact Sheet explains in detail what is necessary for an unborn child to feel pain.  For example, did you know that "Four or five weeks after conception, pain receptors appear around the mouth, followed by nerve fibers, which carry stimuli to  the  brain.  By 18 weeks, pain receptors have appeared throughout the body.  Around week  6, the unborn child first responds to touch."

Click here to download the Fact Sheet. <Download Fact Sheet> 

Once you read this brochure I am sure you will want to share this information with your family and friends to help VSHL educate all Virginians about this vital issue. 

Fetal Pain Fact Sheet #2

This fact sheet from the National Right to Life Committee gives basic information on what the Pain-Capable Unborn does and the states it has been enacted in. Right now it has been enacted in 10 states.  We hope to add Virginia to the list soon.

Click here to download the Fact Sheet. <Download Fact Sheet>